Few Powerful Fishing Techniques by the Akpike Fishing

best fishing techniques

Every angler out there who loves fishing thinks, he has learned a lot with experience.  But usually, an angler doesn’t always know that there are various new art and best fishfinder techniques for fishing.

The simple old conventional way of fishing is like “put the bait on the hook, dip it in water and fish will bite and get jammed in the hook”.  Every fish and a spot requires a different style of fishing.  Everyone has a favorite type, So let me introduce you to some creative types of fishing for a recreational trip next time.

Bottom Fishing

The most commonly and simply executed way of fishing is bottom fishing. In this, we will target the fishes living at the bottom belt of the sea such as snappers, sea bream, and grouper.  We can focus on honking them and the equipment used are rod and hand line.

Fly Fishing

This technique is mostly used in fresh water such as rivers and lakes. The equipment used is a flying bait and an especial rode and reel. This is also used in saltwater since it involves more challenge and excitement. The fishes that can be targeted by fly fishing is Salmon and trout.


Trolling is done when you want to catch a big fish, those swim on the top surface of the water. It is performed in the moving boat with your rod in the water. The back of the rod is bait is attached to your boat.  The names of fishes you usually catch are Bill Fish, Kingfish, Tuna. It is an adventure as it makes you sit in the middle of the water body.


Jigging is new fishing technique invented by Japanese. A jig is a name of the metal lure which we drop into the water, make it touch the bottom.  While we reel it up in a special rhythm going for fishes in the bottom or mid-surface. Fishes we are focusing are amberjack, yellowtail, rainbow runner, GT, Grouper.

Casting or spinning

Spinning or casting have the same meaning but these can be done from both shore or boat. The trick is to cast your rode while using a lure, which can be different for different fish. In casting just throw the lure in water and reel it up in a movement of fish.

  • Poppers have a cylinder-shaped floating material with a flat head. When we throw in water it creates a splash. This attracts big fishes as they want to see whats coming towards them.
  • Stick bait is just like popper the difference is the bait is designed in the same of a small fish. So when it enters waters big fish comes and tries to eat it.

Now, When we think about fishing techniques usually the name akpike fishing pops in mind, This is an organization which provides new equipment for fishing like Hummingbird fish device, electric trolling motor, higher the voltage of the trolling motor so that it comes up in no time. The electric devices can be installed in all the fishing styles above and the efficiency of fishing would increase. This company is creating these fancy electronic fishing devices which would impact fishing techniques at a higher level.


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