Using Electric Trolling Motors & Battery for fishing

Fishing is enjoyed by many people all over the world. It is very peaceful and if you are looking for a break from your usual routine, you must go for Fishing. Some have to do it professionally and is a source of income for them. Fortunately, with advancements in technology electric trolling motors have arrived in the market which you can easily install in the market.
It would serve as a primary motor in your boat as well as could be used as a backup one in case the gas motor stops working. If you are going to travel a short distance and find a different spot for fishing, your boat can be moved with the help of this motor. You can control the speed of the boat using it and hold the position over a piece of structure as well. There are several other benefits of using an electric motor, but before that, you should learn the use and things you need to consider before purchasing it:

Consider the shaft and voltage.

The tube length of the motor should be appropriately large enough so it can submerge at least one foot into water. Even if you are in waves, your bow needs to be submerged all times. But, not as long that it interferes with front seat, rod holders, electronic items or is sticking out from anywhere.
The higher the voltage of the motor, the more powerful it would be and thus, the running time between charges would be comparatively more. So you need a best quality trolling motor battery which deliver the constant voltage to your motor. you can easy buy best quality trolling motor from trolling battery guides and enjoy fishing.

The thrust should be checked

The weight of the boat, wind, and current needs to be known before you consider which thrust would be better. The more the pounds of thrust, the more power will be generated by electric motor to push or pull your boat.

For using motor, you have to know where it should mount.

If electric motor is going to serve as primary motor for the boat, and you are using it to only travel short distance, you must mount it at back of the boat so it could be controlled by hand.trolling motor
You must mount the motor to the bow if you need to pull the boat in water more than you are going to push it. This way maximum control over the boat is ensured in three ways: hand control, cable steering and power drive.
If you are going to choose hand control you should be aware how the length of the shaft should be long enough so you are able to reach the handle without bending over. It would be much simpler to steer and you can control the speed as you like.
If you have cable control, you would get faster steering and is suitable if you have to do fishing from the front of the boat.
The last one is power drives, which could be helpful if you have to control the boat from anywhere in the boat and your focus in catching a big fish.